NOTICE - NO PETS in our Platform Tents/Huts or Villa, ok in Primitive or RV/Camper


ATTENTION - UNDERSTAND THIS - There is NO REFUND of any fees, on any cancellations OR change of dates,fourteen (14) days or less prior to arrival. THAT INCLUDES WEATHER, If this is not acceptable to you then do not make the reservation, wait till your time line is closer and try to book then. There is a minimum $20.00 cancellation fee or 8% of the total invoice (the greater of the two) on all reservations cancelled prior to fourteen (14) days of arrival.

The number one campground in the Buffalo River region.  All sites are serviced by the nicest bath house facility in the country.  Our store is the most complete gear and outdoor store in the Ozarks.

Primitive Camping - $25.00 (see notes below)

RV/Camper - $40.00 (see notes below)

Platform Tent/Huts - $50.00 - $85.00 (see notes)

Wilderness Sites - $50.00 (see notes below)

* NO PETS in Platform Structures or Villa

Reservations are accepted by using the “Book Now” button.

* * Additional processing fees and taxes are due upon booking.

** * Additional campground info and rules are at the bottom of this page.


-  NO PETS in platform structures or villa.  Pets are ok in primitive, wilderness and RV/camper areas/

-  All reservations needing to be made less than 24 hours prior to arrival must call the store for assistance.

-   If you will arrive after hours it is best to call the store to receive final check in notes and information.

-  Primitive:  walk in ground site (no power), fire ring, picnic table

-  Platform Tent: 10x12 empty tent ,with electricity, other items in photos (cots, tables, chairs,  heater or fan) available to rent in BOOK NOW page; each one has picnic table and park style waist high grill.  Share various large fire pits.  No ground tents are allowed next to Platform Tents.

- Platform Hut:  A step up.  The structure is part tiny home and part tent fabric.  They have been upgraded on our previously existing platform tent sites.  They have a queen bed with linen, couch/futon, mini refrigerator, table/chairs and a built in air conditioner/heater.  Electricity only, still no plumbing but our bath house is always there for your use.  Each one has its own picnic table and waste high grill.  Share various large fire pit.

-  RV/Camper:  Pull thru, electrical - 50,30 Amp, 110V.  Water hydrant and dump station in campground but NOT at each site; each site has a picnic table and park style waist high grill and ground fire ring.  No ground tents are allowed in RV/Camper area.

-  Showers are coin operated - 25¢ per minute.

-  Wilderness Sites - NO WIFI, porta potty in the close proximity but have access to walk to main bath house.  No utilities and no generators at the wilderness sites.

- NOTE - The Buffalo River National Park RULE is NO DOGS ON TRAILS!  Park rules, not ours, not Arkansas.

Platform Tents 1-3

Platform Huts 4, 5

RV/Camper 1-3

Bath House

Bath House

Showers - Coin Op

Inside Platform Hut

         RV/Camper Sites

Please note - electric only

Primitive Campsites    

Community Firepit

Platform Tent 6   

Platform 6 Interior  

Platform 6 Interior    

Platform 6 Interior    

Wilderness #2

Wilderness #1

Closest to main campground and bath house


Wilderness #3

Wilderness #4

Furthest from main campground and bath house


Wilderness typical deck layout

JB Trading Co

12677 Hwy 43

Compton AR 72624



Main Campground

Wilderness Sites

Rules & Guidelines

The rules listed below should not be considered all inclusive but a general guideline of what is expected from parties wishing to visit and stay at JB Trading Co Campground. 

JB Trading Co LLC. reserves the right to refuse service to any and all for reasons at their sole discretion.  Any damage, theft or financial impact to JB Trading Co caused or due to guest behavior is subject to charge to the primary party that is registered with JB Trading Co.  Any charges due to actions by people under your reservation will be assessed to the card on file.  By agreeing to this Rules and Guidelines form you authorize JB Trading Co to assess such charges to the card on file.  Any guests who are forced to leave will forfeit any and all fees paid and could be subject to additional fees for clean up and/or damages incurred.


    1.    Check in time is 2:00 p.m., Check out time is 11:00 a.m.

    2.    Quiet Hours from 10:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.

    3.    Maximum two tents and four people per campsite.  Maximum of two vehicles per site.  Additional personnel, tents, vehicles, etc.. are subject to additional fees or must secure another site.  

    4.    No ground tents at Platform tents or RV/Camper sites.

    5.    No infringing on other sites or common areas (i.e. Hammock Grove).  Don’t place a tent inside the hammock grove.  Keep tents  and equipment in designated area.

    6.    The bathhouse is for bathroom functions like toilet and showering only.  No cooking, cleaning dishes, eating, etc… inside this facility.  Use the outdoor sink on the back corner of the bathhouse to wash gear, dishes, etc.

    7.    No drugs or public drunkenness are allowed.

    8.    All pets must be leashed and registered with the office.  No pets allowed in any buildings or platform structures.

    9.    No excessive noise or loud music.

    10.    No glass containers.

    11.    No ATVs, No Horses.  Bicycles only on approved roads.

    12.    No generators.

    13.    No Fireworks.

    14.    No loaded firearms.  All firearms must be in a holster, case, sheath, etc… and with no round chambered.  All observed firearms are subject to inspection by staff.

    15.    Drive only on designated roads, speed limit 5 mph, hospitality gear carts are on site to assist moving gear from vehicles to various sites.

    16.    No cutting of living vegetation to include bamboo, trees, flowers, etc…

    17.    Fires only in provided fire rings, grills and central fire pit.  Open fires are subject to burn bans during adverse weather conditions.  Extinguish fires upon retiring for the night or leaving the site for the day.

    18.    JB Trading Co takes pride in our property and facilities and expect visitors to do the same.  Leave the site as good as you find it or better.  Campers must pick up all their trash (no littering), equipment and possessions and remove them from the property or properly dispose of them in provided receptacles.

    19.    Abandoned and damaged equipment and gear is subject to disposal or removal by staff.  Unserviceable equipment (RV, Camper, etc…) with leaks and such will be required to be removed.

Liability Waiver and Indemnification Agreement

    1.    THIS A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT WHICH IS INTENDED TO PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE RELEASE OF LIABILITY, BUT IS NOT INTENDED TO ASSERT ANY CLAIMS OR DEFENSES WHICH ARE PROHIBITED BY LAW.  By signing this Release, you give up any right you may have to bring a court action to recover compensation or obtain any other remedy for any injury, up to including death, to yourself or your property  arising out of entering JB Trading Co LLC properties.

    2.    I assume full responsibility for the constant safety and supervision for all members of my party, minors and adults.

    3.    I understand that camping and other outdoor recreational activities have inherent risks and dangers associated therewith including but not limited to risks associated with acts of God, equipment failure, wildlife and acts of fellow campers and I specifically assume all such risks.

    4.    I understand that JB Trading Co has no medical facilities.  In the event of illness or injury appropriate medical care and treatment will likely be delayed by the distance from medical treatment facilities.  JB Trading Co is under no obligation to summon medical assistance.  JB Trading Co has made no representation to me, implied or otherwise, that their staff can or will perform safe and competent rescues or render first aid.  In the event JB Trading Co staff were to respond to a request for aid I will not hold JB Trading Co, or its staff, responsible for their actions for attempting the performance of rescue or first aid.